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  1. How to Rig a Shaky Head

    Threading a worm onto a shaky head is easy with just a few steps.

  2. 6th Sense Divine Swim Jig Tackle Breakdown

    The Divine Swim Jig is a favorite among anglers because of the detail 6th Sense put into this bait.

  3. G. Loomis NRX+ 853C Tackle Breakdown

    This model of the G. Loomis NRX+ line of rods is a great option for lighter power techniques.

  4. How to Choose the Right Shaky Head

    Biggest thing: Keep it simple. The majority of the time Patrick uses a ball head jig with a vertical line tie paired up with a natural color bait.

  5. Top Three Jig Trailers

    There are unlimited options for jig trailers. See which ones made the top of our list.

  6. How to Choose the Right Topwater Prop Bait

    Topwater prop baits cause a lot of commotion on the water and are great for catching the attention of bass.

  7. Greenfish Tackle Gaff Swim Jig Tackle Breakdown

    The Gaff of all Gaff's. This jig is named for the thick, sharp, Gaff hook from Gamakatsu on it.

  8. Yamamoto Senko Tackle Breakdown

    The Yamamoto Senko Worm is one of the most popular stick baits for anglers everywhere, and for good reason!

  9. How to Choose the Right Buzz Bait

    As Patrick Walters says, "Who doesn't love a good topwater strike?" And buzz baits are a great way to get that blowup!

  10. Molix GT Swim Jig Tackle Breakdown

    Justin Lucas is the one who had input in designing this jig, so you know it was built for the pros.

  11. Top Three Soft Stick Baits

    The stick bait is the most bass catching bait ever made! Here our top three.

  12. Buzzbait Setup (Rod/Reel/Line) - Patrick Walters

    Buzz baits are a favorite topwater bait of Patrick Walters.

  13. Strike King Tour Grade Swim Jig Tackle Breakdown

    This jig isn't exactly a finesse bait, but it's lighter than most swim jigs out there and a perfect option for tougher conditions when the bite is finicky.

  14. Berkley Chigger Craw Tackle Breakdown

    The Berkley Chigger Craw doesn't have any flashy features when you first look at it, but then you use it and you find out that it's a fantastic bait.

  15. Topwater Walking Bait Setup (Rod/Reel/Line) - Patrick Walters

    Patrick Walters has some great tips on what rod, reel, and line to use for topwater baits.

  16. How to Choose the Right Topwater Walking Bait

    Patrick Walters shares the key things to consider when picking a topwater walking bait.

  17. Picasso Lures Swim Jig Tackle Breakdown

    Picasso pays close attention to the look of their jigs, making this one of the premium swim jigs on the market.

  18. How to Set Up a Texas Rigged Worm w/ Patrick Walters

    Texas rigging a big worm is a great way to catch bass, all you need are a few simple steps and you can be set up in no time. Patrick Walters has all the tips and tricks on how to rig your worm with ease.

  19. Outkast Heavy Cover Swim Jig Tackle Breakdown

    Outkast Tackle has made many improvements on its jigs over the years and the heavy cover swim jig is an example of that.

  20. How to Choose the Right Texas Rig Bait

    Pete goes through how color and action work together and what situations call for what baits. Using his tips, you can have lots of success on your own with this popular fishing technique.

  21. Strike King Hack Attack Heavy Cover Swim Jig Tackle Breakdown

    Greg Hackney, one of the best vegetation anglers our there, created this jig with Strike King, bringing years of experience behind the design of this swim jig.

  22. Picasso Lures Swim Jig vs. Molix GT Swim Jig - Cage Match

    This is the first episode of a brand new series hosted by Bass Brawl Outdoors where they will take two baits in the same category and pit them against each other to see which bait comes out on top.

  23. How to Choose the Right Texas Rig Hook

    Your Texas rig hook is just as important as the bait you put on it, so it's a good idea to pay attention to both.

  24. Megabass Orochi XX AKLYS Tackle Breakdown

    Megabass knows how to make their heavy-duty rods, so if you're aiming to fish bigger baits, the AKLYS is a great option.

  25. Megabass Levante Braillist Tackle Breakdown

    The Levante Braillist is one of Megabass's entry-level rods in terms of price, but it will not disappoint when it comes to catching fish or looking amazing.

  26. Megabass Levante Diablo Spec R Tackle Breakdown

    The Diablo Spec R is another of Megabass's great rods from the Levante line. It will fish everything from spinnerbaits, to swim jigs and even lipless crankbaits.

  27. Megabass Orochi XX Shaky Head Rod Tackle Breakdown

    As you can probably guess, this rod is great for the shaky head technique because of its medium light power and fast action.

  28. Megabass Levante Perfect Pitch Tackle Breakdown

    Can you guess what the Perfect Pitch was designed for? If you guessed pitching, you're right. Pete even thinks it makes a sneaky good frog rod!

  29. Megabass Levante Shakyhead Rod Tackle Breakdown

    This 7 ft., medium power, fast action rod is the perfect middle of the road setup. It will cover most of your basics if you are looking for a versatile spinning setup.

  30. Megabass Orochi XX Jerkbait Special Tackle Breakdown

    The Orochi Jerkbait Special is one of Megabass's premier jerkbait rods made just for their own jerkbait, the Vision 110 line of baits.

  31. Megabass Levante Flatside Special Tackle Breakdown

    The Levante series from Megabass might be their entry-level as far as price goes, but they don't short you on design or performance.

  32. Megabass Levante Whipsnake Tackle Breakdown

    The Whipsnake shines in finesse techniques and weightless rigs, so if that's what you're aiming for, check it out.

  33. Megabass Orochi XX Braillist Tackle Breakdown

    Of all of Megabass's entry-level rods, the Orochi Brailist is usually the most popular, and for good reason.

  34. Megabass Levante Jerkbait Special Tackle Breakdown

    The jerkbait special is just what you need to fish jerkbaits, especially the famous 110's!

  35. Megabass Orochi XX Flatside Special Tackle Breakdown

    Megabass has made a great casting rod here that looks great while also catching lots of fish. This won't be a purchase you'll regret because you'll get a superior rod for a mid-range price!

  36. Megabass Levante Tour Versatile Tackle Breakdown

    This 7 ft., medium power, moderate action rod will be great for your light single hook or treble hook baits.

  37. Megabass Levante Enforcer Tackle Breakdown

    The Enforcer is the longest spinning rod in the Levante series. When combining that length with a medium power and fast action, you get a very versatile rod.

  38. Megabass Levante EMTF Tackle Breakdown

    As usual, no one can compare to the design and care that go into Megabass rods, and the Levante series is no different.

  39. Bobber Setup (Rod/Reel/Line)

    Brad takes you through what he uses when bobber fishing, with the key being a light action rod and a small diameter spool to match the smaller fish you'll be catching.

  40. How to Fish a Bobber Rig

    Bobber fishing is all about locating cover and looking for the fish. Brad tells you what to look for when bobber fishing.

  41. How to Fish a Chatterbait - Brad Leuthner

    Brad gets into all you need to know about fishing chatterbaits in the pre-spawn when temperatures are cold and the fish are lethargic.

  42. The Dark Sleeper - Pete's Secret Stash

    The Dark Sleeper is one of the best ready-to-go baits out there. Every angler should try this bait out and see how simple it can be to catch fish!

  43. Megabass Orochi XX Ronin Tackle Breakdown

    Like all the rods that Megabass makes, the Ronin looks great and works great. From the full cork handle to the unfinished blank, the Ronin's design is top notch.

  44. How to Rig a Slip Bobber

    Bobber fishing setup is easy with just a few steps. Brad takes you through all the details and explains the importance of every part.

  45. Seth Feider - The Gear I'm Using for the Bassmaster Northern Swing

    Seth Feider gives all the details to what he is using when the Bassmaster Elite Series heads to northern fisheries!

  46. Megabass Destroyer P5 Rods (Madbull and Wind Buster Walkthrough)

    Pete talks about a couple models in the Megabass Destroyer P5 line of rods, the Madbull and the Wnd Buster.

  47. How to Choose a Bobber

    With just a little planning about where you'll be fishing, it can be really easy to have success with this technique.

  48. Finesse/Marabou Hair Jig Setup (Rod/Reel/Line) - Seth Feider

    Seth takes you through his rod, reel, and line setup for fishing with finesse marabou hair jigs.

  49. Daiwa Steez Reels - Everything You Need to Know!

    Pete breaks down the Daiwa Steez reels here and showcases everything that makes them the high-end reels that they are.

  50. Fishing's 3 Essential Line Types

    There are three main types of line every angler should be familiar with. Pete goes into detail about where you should use each and what situation works for each line.

  51. How to Fish a Wacky Rig w/ Brad Leuthner

    Wacky Rigging is one of the most effective and simplest rigging options for catching bass. Watch Brad explain the best way to fish it.

  52. Keitech Fat Swing Impact Tackle Breakdown

    The Keitech Fat Swing Impact is one of the top soft body swimbaits out there. The scent along with the action of this bait make it a great choice for any angler.

  53. Seaguar Tatsu Tackle Breakdown

    As Seaguar's most premier line, it combines two kinds of fluorocarbons into one, giving you the characteristics of abrasion resistance and softness.

  54. Seaguar Smackdown Tackle Breakdown

    Using this with a fluorocarbon leader is the perfect combination that will put lots of fish in your boat.

  55. Seaguar InvizX Tackle Breakdown

    Seaguar InvizX is a great Fluorocarbon line for situations where you want to be extra stealthy. Its softer material also makes it a great all around fluorocarbon.

  56. Seaguar AbrazX Tackle Breakdown

    Pete breaks down all the positives and negatives about the line and how Seaguar has created this line to be even more durable than regular fluorocarbon.

  57. Seaguar Red Label Tackle Breakdown

    If you're looking to start fishing with fluorocarbon line, Red Label is a great place to start.

  58. Seaguar Gold Label Tackle Breakdown

    This line is specifically made to be used as a leader, and it excels at just that. The smaller diameter and toughness make it the perfect leader choice.

  59. St. Croix Victory Spinning Rods

    Watch Pete explain how no detail was spared in the making of the St. Croix Victory line of bass fishing rods!

  60. Spinning Reel Spool Size Breakdown

  61. How to Rig a Swimjig w/ Seth Feider

    Seth Feider goes into detail about how to set up one of the country's most popular techniques for big bass.

  62. Grass Jig Setup (Rod/Reel/Line) - Seth Feider

    Seth brings his know-how and expertise to the table to describe his setup for flipping grass jigs.

  63. How to Choose the Right Grass Jig w/ Seth Feider

    What colors work? What kind of head is best? What style of hook should I use? Seth covers everything in detail for you in this video.

  64. Cumberland Pro Lures Apex Underspin Tackle Breakdown

    The Cumberland Pro Lures Apex Underspin has a reputation across the southeast for being dynamite, but works in many situations across the country.

  65. How to Choose the Right Jig Trailer w/ Seth Feider

    Seth goes into detail about what you should consider when choosing your jig trailer, namely movement and water temperature.

  66. Damiki Armor Shad Paddle Tackle Breakdown

    This small and lightweight bait with its finesse paddle tail will create action even with the smallest of movements.

  67. Football Jig Setup (Rod/Reel/Line) - Polish Pete

    Pete discusses his preferred methods and techniques for fishing a football jig, and it all starts with a fast action rod and high gear ratio reel.

  68. How to Choose the Right Football Jig

    Pete explains what characteristics to look out for when making decisions on what football jigs to use.

  69. Venture Lures Steady Swimmer Tackle Breakdown

    If you like a bait that you can fish aggressively with lots of bottom contact, this is the bait for you!

  70. The Smeltinator Swimbait Jig Tackle Breakdown

    As Pete says, the little details matter when it comes to fishing, and this small jig will give you big results.

  71. How to Rig a Football Jig

    From skirt trimming to trailer selection, Pete goes into depth to explain how to make your football jig see success.

  72. Finesse/Marabou Hair Jig Setup (Rod/Reel/Line) - Seth Feider

    Seth takes you through his rod, reel, and line setup for fishing with finesse marabou hair jigs.

  73. The Heddon Zara Spook Tackle Breakdown

    Pete breaks down the Zara Spook, the bait that has stood the test of time for a good reason.

  74. How to Choose the Right Finesse Hair Jig

    Seth Feider walks you through what details he finds important when selecting his hair jigs.

  75. Selecting the Right Lipless Crankbait

    Glenn Walker explains how to select the right lipless crankbait to capitalize on the biggest bass.

  76. Crestliner MX 21

  77. Catch Up with John Cox

  78. MX21 Complete Walkthrough

  79. Crankbait Setup (Rod/Reel/Line) - Seth Feider

    Seth knows exactly what he wants when he fishes crankbaits and gives you his tournament setup here.

  80. The X Zone Mini Swammer Tackle Breakdown

    Pete explains why this bait is becoming a favorite across the US for many reasons.

  81. The X Zone Tube Tackle Breakdown

    Pete explains why this tube is a staple in the angling community because of how many rigging options you can get out of them.

  82. How to Choose the Right Shallow Diving Crankbait

    Seth gives you his opinion and everything else you would want to know about Shallow Diving Crankbaits.

  83. Chatterbait Setup (Rod/Reel/Line) - Seth Feider

    Seth Feider walks through the exact setup he uses for chatterbait fishing.

  84. How to Choose the Right Chatterbait Trailer

    Seth Feider breaks down what trailers he uses and when to switch it up depending on the conditions.

  85. How to Fish Pre-Spawn Largemouth w/ Brad Leuthner

    There are several techniques that shine in the pre-spawn. Brad Leuthner knows all about them and just how to get largemouth on the end of his line.

  86. How to Rig a Spinnerbait

    Seth Feider shows you in this video just how straightforward rigging a spinnerbait can be.

  87. How to Choose the Right Spinnerbait Trailer

    Seth Feider breaks down what makes a good trailer for certain conditions to help you make the right decision.

  88. How to Choose the Right Spinnerbait

    Seth Feider dives into the technical aspects of a spinnerbait so you can choose the right one for any condition.

  89. CEO Matt Johnson Talks with Catchin' KARP Outdoors

  90. Welcome Stray Cast Fans!

  91. Top 10 Products of 2020

  92. How to Fish a Spinnerbait

  93. South Carolina Top Bass Fishing Lakes

  94. How Big Are Tungsten Flipping Weights?

  95. Top Bass Fishing Lakes In Missouri

    The landlocked Midwestern State of Missouri is nestled between the borders of 8 US States (tied for a record among US States-the other in TN) and boasts some of the best largemouth bass fishing in the Country.  From massive waterbodies like Lake of the Ozarks and Table Rock to smaller, less recognized lakes, Missouri’s world class fisheries as well distributed throughout the State.

  96. Top Fishing Lakes in North Carolina for Bass

    The best bass fishing regions for North Carolina broken down by lake.

  97. Introducing the Tactacam Fish-i

    We’ve all been on more than one fishing trip where we missed the hookup because the person running the camera wasn’t recording. With a mounted Tactacam Fish-i camera and features like LOOP RECORDING, you’ll never miss these exciting events that count!

  98. Two Frogs Always

  99. Patrick Walter's Lake Eufaula Elite Series Setups

  100. Father’s Day Fishing Guide - The Best Gifts for Dad

  101. How Does a Bass See Your Tackle in Water?

    Learn how largemouth and smallmouth bass interpret color.

  102. How to Set Up the Tokyo Rig with Seth Feider

    Seth Feider walks through how to set up the perfect Tokyo Rig.

  103. How to Set Up a Carolina Rig

    Seth Feider goes through the steps required to set up the perfect Carolina Rig.

  104. Jig Trailers - Aggressive vs. Subtle

    Patrick Walters takes us through how he chooses jig trailers for different conditions.

  105. Jerkbaits: Speed vs. Water Temp

    Seth Feider goes over why different water temperatures call for varying actions as it relates to jerkbait fishing.

  106. Garmin LiveScope –Tool for Building Patterns Fast (Part 2)

    See More, Learn More, Build Faster

  107. Garmin LiveScope –Tool for Building Patterns Fast (Part 1)

    See More, Learn More, Build Faster

  108. Get Specific with Ned Rig Fishing

    Five Baits to Fine Tune the Ned Rig

  109. Three Great Baits for Power Plant Bass

    Live bait is one option for winter smallmouth, but it’s not the only one.

  110. Destination Ice Fishing for Giant Perch

  111. Football Head Tricks for Bigger Bass

    How Elite Series pro Chris Groh uses football head jigs to target big bass.

  112. Bass Utopia Gift Guide

    Here are the 7 products the anglers in your life want under the tree this year!

  113. Where to Throw Squarebills in the Fall

    Patrick Walters breaks down the benefits to using a squarebill crankbait in the fall.

  114. Best Ice Fishing Lakes In the Upper Midwest

    Here are some of the top ice fishing destinations you should look at if you are planning a trip this winter

  115. How to Fish a Hollow Body Frog

    Patrick Walters breaks down his Hollow Body Frog tactics.

  116. Early Ice Walleye Fishing

  117. Fishing Medium Diving Crankbaits During the Fall

    How to throw medium diving crankbaits around submerged vegetation in the Fall.

  118. Sturgeon Fishing on the St. Croix: What you need to know to catch a living dinosaur

  119. Seth Feider Tops St. Clair

  120. Striker Predator Series Ice Jacket and Ice Bib Overview

  121. The Best Musky Baits For Fall

  122. How To Set Up An Umbrella Rig

  123. Leech Lake Summer Bass Fishing

  124. Cold Water Cranking

  125. Bass Jig Fishing Tips

  126. Dropshot Fishing

  127. How to Fish the Umbrella Rig

  128. Jerkbait Fishing

  129. How To Fish Deep Diving Crankbaits

  130. How to Catch Bass with Topwater Frogs

  131. Why Custom Colors Matter in Fishing

  132. Lake Guntersville Fishing Report

  133. Lake Champlain Fishing Report - Spring/Summer

  134. How to Fish the Jika Rig

  135. Crankbait Fishing: How to Use the Square Bill

  136. How to Fish the Ned Rig

  137. Sam Rayburn Spring Bass Fishing Tips

  138. Toledo Bend Lake Fishing Report

  139. How To Use Spinnerbait: Selecting the Best Spinner Blades for Your Water

  140. Interview: Seth Feider Previews the 2019 Bassmaster Classic

  141. Walleye Fishing Tips

    How to Catch More Walleye While Trolling

  142. Essentials For Fishing The Neko Rig

  143. Lake Mille Lacs Bass Fishing Report

  144. How Can I Catch Spring Walleye on Lake Mille Lacs?

  145. What is Spybaiting?

  146. Great Ice Fishing Lures + Products for 2018

  147. How Jason Dudek Fishes Lake Minnetonka

  148. How to Organize Your Tackle Box

  149. How to Choose a Fishing Line

  150. Choosing The Right Hook

  151. Tackle for Dropshot Fishing