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  1. VMC Hybrid Swimbait Jig

  2. The X Zone Mini Swammer

  3. The X Zone Tube Tackle Breakdown

  4. Seth Feider - Bassman Spinnerbaits (Compact vs. TW)

  5. How to Rig a Spinnerbait

  6. The Storm Arashi Cover Pop

  7. The Greenfish Tackle Hammerhead Buzzbait

  8. Spinnerbait Setup

  9. The River2Sea Whopper Plopper

  10. Choosing the Right Wacky Rig Worm

  11. The Evergreen SB-125 (Shower Blow)

  12. The Rapala X-Rap Prop

  13. How to Choose A Wacky Rig Hook

  14. How to Choose the Right Spinnerbait Trailer

  15. How to Choose the Right Spinnerbait

  16. Arsenal Battle Braid Scissors Breakdown

  17. CEO Matt Johnson Talks with Catchin' KARP Outdoors

  18. Bass Fishing Terminal Tackle Restock

  19. How to Choose the Right Medium/Deep Diving Crankbaits

  20. How to Choose the Right Shallow Diving Crankbait

  21. Crankbait Setup (Rod/Reel/Line) - Seth Feider

  22. Drop Shot with the Poor Boys Erie Darter

  23. Spring Fishing with the Megabass Uoze Swimmer

  24. Wacky Rigging For Beginners

  25. Mega Offshore Bass on a Swim Jig

  26. How to Rig a Chatterbait

  27. How to Choose the Right Chatterbait

  28. How to Rig a Swim Jig

  29. Chatterbait Setup (Rod/Reel/Line) - Seth Feider

  30. How to Choose the Right Chatterbait Trailer

  31. Welcome Stray Cast Fans!

  32. Top 10 Products of 2020

  33. Fishing with the 6th Sense Divine Swim Jig

  34. How to Catch More Fish with the 6th Sense Fishing Cloud 9 C25

  35. St. Croix Legend Extreme Breakdown

  36. Big Bass and Kicking Ass on Lake Fork

  37. Hog Farmer Minnesota Rig Breakdown

  38. Catch More Fish with Squarebill Crankbaits

  39. How to Fish a Buzzbait

  40. How to Fish a Jig

  41. South Carolina Top Bass Fishing Lakes

  42. Lake Vermillion Smallmouth Fishing

  43. Lake Vermillion Largemouth Fishing

  44. Lake Vermillion Fishing

  45. Drop Shot Tricks

  46. How Big Are Tungsten Flipping Weights?

  47. Top Bass Fishing Lakes In Missouri

    The landlocked Midwestern State of Missouri is nestled between the borders of 8 US States (tied for a record among US States-the other in TN) and boasts some of the best largemouth bass fishing in the Country.  From massive waterbodies like Lake of the Ozarks and Table Rock to smaller, less recognized lakes, Missouri’s world class fisheries as well distributed throughout the State.

  48. Top Fishing Lakes in North Carolina for Bass

    The best bass fishing regions for North Carolina broken down by lake.

  49. Fishing Cattails and Undercuts Using Big Stickbaits

  50. Feider’s Missing Graphs on Champlain Found!

  51. Introducing the Tactacam Fish-i

    We’ve all been on more than one fishing trip where we missed the hookup because the person running the camera wasn’t recording. With a mounted Tactacam Fish-i camera and features like LOOP RECORDING, you’ll never miss these exciting events that count!

  52. Big Mille Lacs Bass on Small Hair Jigs

  53. Lake Onalaska Tournament Recap

  54. How to Find the Right Fishing Line

  55. Two Frogs Always

  56. Two Flipping Setups for Punching Mats

  57. Going Offshore for Big Summer Bass

  58. Megabass Spark Shads Makes Offshore Bass Fishing Easy!

  59. Offshore Bass Fishing - Big Jigs and Rocks for Big Bass

  60. Fishing Out of a Spring Funk with Compact Spinnerbaits

  61. Triggering a Post Spawn Bite with Bassman Spinnerbaits

  62. Chatterbaits and Big Bass

  63. Dropshotting For Giant Smallmouth

  64. Patrick Walter's Lake Eufaula Elite Series Setups

  65. Belly Weighted Spark Shad

  66. Father’s Day Fishing Guide - The Best Gifts for Dad

  67. How to Rig the Megabass Spark Shad

  68. The Simple Ned Rig

    Want to be successful with the Ned Rig? Keep it simple.

  69. Cold Water Jig Fishing

  70. How to Set Up a Texas Rig

    Elite Series Pro Seth Feider walks through how to set up the basic Texas Rig.

  71. Jiggin' Up Walleyes with the Rapala Jiggin' Rap

  72. Hit the Brakes with the Rapala Rip Stop

  73. Big Toothy Critters with the Rapala Super Shad

  74. Multi-Species Master the Rapala Rippin' Rap

  75. Brown Bass Beatdown with the Shadow Rap

  76. Rapala Shad Dancer 

  77. Rapala X Rap

  78. Rapala BX Waking Minnow

  79. Rapala X Rap 10 

  80. How Does a Bass See Your Tackle in Water?

    Learn how largemouth and smallmouth bass interpret color.

  81. Simple Setups: Neko and Wacky Rig

    Patrick Walters goes through how to set up the Neko and Wacky Rigs.

  82. How to Set Up the Tokyo Rig

    Seth Feider walks through how to set up the perfect Tokyo Rig.

  83. How to Find and Fish Offshore Grass

    Chad Smith takes you though his approach to locating and fishing offshore grass in Florida.

  84. Cage Feider Jig Walk Through

    Seth Feider gives the details on his latest jig in the Outkast Tackle line.

  85. Find Deep Basin Crappie Faster

    Steve Pennaz shows the efficiencies of using the Garmin Panaoptix and LiveScope systems when locating crappie through the ice.

  86. How to Set Up a Carolina Rig

    Seth Feider goes through the steps required to set up the perfect Carolina Rig.

  87. How to Set Up the Wacky Rig

    Seth Feider goes over how he approaches the famous wacky rig.

  88. Three Must Have Baits for Florida Bass Fishing

    Chad Smith walks through the must have baits that need to be in every anglers boat during spring in Florida.

  89. How to Set Up a Punch Rig

    Bassmaster Elite Series Pro, Chris Groh goes over how to set up the punch rig.

  90. How to Fish the A-Rig

    Patrick Walters goes over how he likes tho fish the Alabama Rig.

  91. NEW Way to Fish the Tokyo Rig

    Patrick Walters shows the versatility of the Tokyo Rig by sharing a new way to fish it.

  92. How to Fish Southern Docks in the Fall

    Patrick Walters shares how he approaches Southern Docks in the fall when fish are suspended in the water column.

  93. How to Tie a Palomar Knot

    Chris Groh goes over the basics when it comes to tying the Palomar knot.

  94. Jig Trailers - Aggressive vs. Subtle

    Patrick Walters takes us through how he chooses jig trailers for different conditions.

  95. Jerkbaits: Speed vs. Water Temp

    Seth Feider goes over why different water temperatures call for varying actions as it relates to jerkbait fishing.

  96. New Bait Launch - The Chicken Jig by OutKast Tackle

    Seth Feider gives us an in-depth look at the brand new OutKast Tackle Chicken Jig.

  97. Garmin LiveScope –Tool for Building Patterns Fast (Part 2)

    See More, Learn More, Build Faster

  98. Garmin LiveScope –Tool for Building Patterns Fast (Part 1)

    See More, Learn More, Build Faster

  99. Get Specific with Ned Rig Fishing

    Five Baits to Fine Tune the Ned Rig

  100. Spinnerbaits in Heavy Current and Cover

    When heavy current is added to cover, pick up a spinnerbait to effectively catch fish.

  101. Three Great Baits for Power Plant Bass

    Live bait is one option for winter smallmouth, but it’s not the only one.

  102. Destination Ice Fishing for Giant Perch

  103. Gear Ratios Simplified

    Seth's tips for selecting the right gear ratio by technique.

  104. Bass Labs - New Series Launching Soon

    Introducing the new series Bass Labs where we take a look at the science of fishing.

  105. How to Cover Water in the Fall With a Buzzbait

    Patrick Walters breaks down why it's a good idea to throw a buzzbait during the fall months.

  106. Bass Utopia Gift Guide

    Here are the 7 products the anglers in your life want under the tree this year!

  107. VMC Tokyo Rig Review

    Patrick Walters walks through the features of the Tokyo Rig and shares how he likes to throw it.

  108. Benefits of the VMC Ringed Hook

    Seth Feider explains the benefits of the VMC Ringed EWG.

  109. Three Must Have Topwater Lures

    Chris Groh goes over the three topwater lures he doesn't leave shore without.

  110. Simplified Tackle Storage

    Seth Feider goes through his method of storing tackle and why he utilizes the boxes from Lure Lock.

  111. Best Ice Fishing Lakes In the Upper Midwest

    Here are some of the top ice fishing destinations you should look at if you are planning a trip this winter

  112. How to Punch Mats Like a Pro

    Seth Feider talks about his approach to punching mats in the fall.

  113. Early Ice Walleye Fishing

  114. Rapala BX Brat Breakdown

    Seth Feider introduces the Rapala BX Brat and shows you how to use it to get more bites!

  115. Sturgeon Fishing on the St. Croix: What you need to know to catch a living dinosaur

  116. Seth Feider Tops St. Clair

  117. Striker Predator Series Ice Jacket and Ice Bib Overview

  118. The Best Musky Baits For Fall

  119. How To Set Up An Umbrella Rig

  120. Leech Lake Summer Bass Fishing

  121. Cold Water Cranking

  122. Bass Jig Fishing Tips

  123. Dropshot Fishing

  124. How to Fish the Umbrella Rig

  125. Jerkbait Fishing

  126. How To Fish Deep Diving Crankbaits

  127. How to Catch Bass with Topwater Frogs

  128. Why Custom Colors Matter in Fishing

  129. Lake Guntersville Fishing Report

  130. Lake Champlain Fishing Report - Spring/Summer

  131. How to Fish the Jika Rig

  132. Crankbait Fishing: How to Use the Square Bill

  133. How to Fish the Ned Rig

  134. Sam Rayburn Spring Bass Fishing Tips

  135. Toledo Bend Lake Fishing Report

  136. How To Use Spinnerbait: Selecting the Best Spinner Blades for Your Water

  137. Interview: Seth Feider Previews the 2019 Bassmaster Classic

  138. Walleye Fishing Tips

    How to Catch More Walleye While Trolling

  139. Essentials For Fishing The Neko Rig

  140. Lake Mille Lacs Bass Fishing Report

  141. How Can I Catch Spring Walleye on Lake Mille Lacs?

  142. What is Spybaiting?

  143. Great Ice Fishing Lures + Products for 2018

  144. How Jason Dudek Fishes Lake Minnetonka

  145. How to Organize Your Tackle Box

  146. How to Choose a Fishing Line

  147. Choosing The Right Hook

  148. Tackle for Dropshot Fishing