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Striped Bass

Striped Bass are a species of bass that are commonly found in reservoirs and river systems and can grow upwards of 20 pounds. These fish are opportunistic feeders and will eat any type of forage that comes their way. Shad, craws, minnows, and even other bass can all be on the menu for these aggressive fish. Most anglers will catch these as a result of fishing for other species of bass, however anglers who are targeting Striped Bass in particular often use swimbaits and crankbaits. 

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  1. Evergreen InternationalEvergreen International SB Topwater Bait

    SB Topwater Bait

    $15.99 – 17.99

  2. Phantom LuresPhantom Softtail 4"

    Phantom Softtail 4"


  3. HeddonHeddon Zara Spook

    Zara Spook


  4. Reef RunnerReef Runner 800 Series

    800 Series


  5. BerkleyBerkley J-Walker



  6. BerkleyBerkley Choppo



  7. RapalaRapala X-Rap Prop

    X-Rap Prop


  8. ZManZMan SlingBladeZ Double Willow

    SlingBladeZ Double Willow

    $7.99 – 8.99

  9. Mission TackleMission Tackle Spinnerbait Colorado

    Spinnerbait Colorado

    $2.25 – 2.99$2.99

  10. Mission TackleMission Tackle Spinnerbait Tandem Spin

    Spinnerbait Tandem Spin

    $2.59 – 3.49$3.49

  11. LewsLew's Super Duty LFS

    Lew's Super Duty LFS


  12. DaiwaDaiwa Steez SV TW

    Steez SV TW


  13. ShimanoShimano Curado MGL

    Curado MGL


  14. ShimanoShimano Antares A

    Antares A


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