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Soft Baits

Without a doubt, the options of soft baits that are available to an angler are nearly endless, with variations in the shape, size, color, and material of the plastic. It’s important to consider the species of fish you’ll be chasing, since certain styles of soft baits were specifically designed with different species in mind, The Omnia Relevant Tackle Filter takes a multitude of factors into account and optimize your soft bait selection for your specific lake.

For example, plastic leeches and minnows work best for walleye,  while jumbo swimbaits work best for pike, muskie and bass. By matching the soft bait...

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  1. Strike KingStrike King Bitsy Tube

    Bitsy Tube


  2. ZManZMan Turbo FattyZ

    Turbo FattyZ


  3. ZManZMan Hella CrawZ

    Hella CrawZ


  4. Snag ProofSnag Proof Phat Frog

    Phat Frog


  5. Scum FrogScum Frog Scum Dog

    Scum Dog


  6. Scum FrogScum Frog Big Foot

    Big Foot


  7. Scum FrogScum Frog Trophy Series

    Trophy Series


  8. Scum FrogScum Frog Bass Rat

    Bass Rat


  9. NetBaitNetBait Finesse Tube

    Finesse Tube


  10. NetBaitNetBait Crush Worm

    Crush Worm


  11. SproSpro Bronzeye Shad 65

    Bronzeye Shad 65


  12. NetBaitNetBait The Drifter

    The Drifter


  13. NetBaitNetBait Big Spanky

    Big Spanky


  14. NetBaitNetBait Little Spanky

    Little Spanky


  15. NetBaitNetBait Mini Kickin' B

    Mini Kickin' B


  16. NetBaitNetBait Kickin' B

    Kickin' B


  17. NetBaitNetBait Tiny Paca Craw

    Tiny Paca Craw


  18. NetBaitNetBait Tiny Paca Chunk

    Tiny Paca Chunk


  19. NetBaitNetBait Big Bopper Worm

    Big Bopper Worm


  20. NetBaitNetBait Mad Paca

    Mad Paca


  21. NetBaitNetBait Baby Mad Paca

    Baby Mad Paca


  22. KeitechKeitech Swing Impact

    Swing Impact


  23. Googan BaitsGoogan Baits Lunker Log

    Lunker Log


  24. Riot BaitsRiot Baits Probe Worm

    Probe Worm