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Largemouth Bass Fishing Tackle

Largemouth Bass are one of the most popular game fish species in the world. Their aggressive nature and hard fight can entertain people of all ages. There are countless techniques to target these fish, this really lets the angler choose how they want to fish. Whether you are located in Northern Minnesota or Florida, baits such as a wacky-worm, jig, chatterbait, or crankbait can all put Largemouth Bass in the boat. 

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  1. ZManZMan Football NedZ

    Football NedZ


  2. Dirty JigsDirty Jigs Swim Jig

    Swim Jig


  3. ZManZMan Chatterbait Elite

    Chatterbait Elite


  4. Missile BaitsMissile Baits Ike's Flip Out Jig

    Ike's Flip Out Jig

    $4.99 – 5.99

  5. BerkleyBerkley Half Head Jig

    Half Head Jig


  6. ZManZMan CrossEyeZ Chatterbait

    CrossEyeZ Chatterbait

    $7.99 – 9.99$9.99

  7. Coolbaits LuresCoolbaits Lures Swim Jig Head (2pk)

    Swim Jig Head (2pk)

    $3.99 – 4.99

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